Matching Talent to Tycoon

WorkLinkr is aiming to power the world's fastest-growing way of recruitment, by analyzing candidates through brain science, high-quality neuro-cognitive games and sharing of individual participant's results with companies, to match their business requirements.

It's scientifically proven that young minds have a high power of grasping skills and hunger for learning new technologies.
They are like a young child who can be molded according to the company's requirements.
Hiring the right candidate for a company is important.
We can help you to choose the best one by testing talents' brains.


New tools to assess the candidate’s skills

New interviewing tools can save your company time and help you better assess the candidate’s skills. The traditional interview includes behavioral and structured interviews, phone screens, etc. It isn't going anywhere, but on the other hand, it's been proven that they aren't the most effective way to assess a candidate's skill set.

It is Where Tradititional Interviews Fail

Cognitive Ability Assessment is a Great Job Predictor

Cognitive Ability Assessment tests candidates through neuroscience-based tests. WorkLinkr focuses on analyzing the talent on the basis of cognitive skills. Following are some of the skills we have in our WorkLinkr games basket :

  • Working memory
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Logical reasoning
  • Numerical reasoning
  • Learning agility
  • Spatial ability

and many more..

Screen the applicants using Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, like any other field, is also influencing recruiters by helping companies hire bright candidates in less time and less budget than before. Overall it's a win-win situation for Tycoons, if they inculcate Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience-based hiring. Hence, we screen the applicants down to the best out of best through Artificial Intelligence.

Case Studies
Quick witted brain

In this study, we came to know that cognitive ability differs according to age or lifespan.

  • Raw speed in processing information: Age of 18 to 19
  • Short term memory improves around 25 and begins to drop around age of 35.

Gender Parity

  • Women perform better under stress.
  • Women are incredibly good at holistic thinking, contextualizing ideas and drawing new connections and factors.
  • More Women = Better Problem Solving
  • Men are exceptionally good at focusing, getting rid of extraneous data and pushing full steam ahead.
  • Men tend to depersonalize and externalize issues or problems.
  • Men are better able to think of objects three-dimensionally.

Both genders are equally important for a company to climb the heights of success.

Our System

Two Tier Benefit

We are not here to judge you in any way but to test you and give you the correct direction for your upcoming future. By playing our games, you can get an idea about your skills, which domain can be the most suitable career for you.

WorkLinkr relies on the holistic analysis of workplace psychology with a strategic outlook where professionals are recognized through neuro-cognitive abilities. Our Artificial Intelligence platform analyzes the result of the candidate and generates reports accordingly, giving companies the in-depth understanding of candidate's true abilities.

How it works :

Shares the resume of candidates which are to be tested.


Candidates are registered and allowed to play the games on the portal accordingly.


AI Module generates the output report according to the performance of the candidates.

Cost Per Hire

To determine where to invest your recruiting assets, the calculation of Cost-Per-Hire comes into action. These strategic recruiting decisions can potentially save your company money and attract better candidates.

Ready to Calculate how much you spend? The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) collaborated with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to make a typical formula:

This formula is used to determine the overall budget to hire a candidate. Maybe sometimes it's worth spending on the right talent, but most of the time companies end up hiring the wrong candidate for the Post they are offering for. Many failed hires could be avoided if inefficiencies and biases were removed early in the process. The question is, why did your hire fail? We at WorkLinkr can assist you to avoid those same pitfalls next time by,

  • Shortlisting Candidates through Pre-Hire Assessments
  • Recruitment Technology used: Artificial Intelligence

" Our priority is to make a conscious effort, not to pigeon-hole employees into fixed careers, so we assist in selection of right fit candidates. "