WorkLinkr is a manifesto that desires to bring a change to the Corporate Recruiting process

Our talented teams craft the best games and design amazing user experiences for our clients to select the right talent

The Society of Neuroscience is the world’s largest organization of scientists and physicians devoted to understanding the brain and the nervous system and we have taken a step forward in this society. We are all set to evaluate how well applicants use a wide range of their cognitive skills required in the workplace and we evaluate the applicants using game-based cognitive ability assessments.

Problem: Dreaded Bad Hire?

Corporate interviews are tiresome with multiple rounds of technical as well as behavioral questions. Time and cost are spent to select the best candidates only to realize later that major behavioral requirements for team coordination among employees are missing.

Solution: Skill Recruitment

To overcome this problem we at WorkLinkr can assist corporates in bringing a change to the recruiting processes. Implementing game-based screening tests to select the best workforce for the industry is a core service that WorkLinkr would be facilitated through its products and services.

Our Team Members

Our team members are rockstars from different corners of the world. This uniqueness is the result of a combination of all brains, from Thinking to Action. We are a blend of talents with diverse backgrounds who work to compete against challenges and achieve while we innovate. Empowering people to lead and implementing an open work culture have strengthened the team to focus on common goals. The team believes in conquering goals with innovative strategies bolstered with subject matter experts and fast-learners. Sublime Cognitive understanding and technological inclination have augmented the dynamic product development stages along with the constant input of creative ideas to expand the product features.


Mr. Anand Kumar Rajasekaran is the Founder and CEO of WorkLinkr.

He is a dedicated professional with -
  • an ardent understanding of business operations
  • immense ability to design strategic plans for global expansion.
He has excelled in -
  • high proclivity for analytical techniques and problem-solving
  • thorough understanding of the trends in qualitative and quantitative approaches of market research.

Our Company Values


Teams work with a spirit of togetherness and a common goal with a focus on people rather than process. We believe to be ONE in our services, support and commitment to customer.


Our definition of Zenith is unique. The idea of seeking peak success doesn’t only include huge ROI for the company and its stakeholders but also include factors such as sculpting open work-culture, converting colleagues to family, deconstructing titles and bureaucracy to equality and democratic workplace.


WorkLinkr believes in traversing the reality with utmost principles of integrity. Honest and ethical practices that uplift the brand among people and that establish a legacy of inspiration for everyone to imitate as a proud value is a prescient dream for our team members to strive for, wholeheartedly.


WorkLinkr believes in ability to

  • think out-of-the-box.
  • implement processes and review their solutions.
  • forge individual goals with the organizational goals.
  • empower people and eliminate gender parity in the workplace.
  • understand sustainability.
  • encourage diversity.
We also believe in constantly updating our definition of “Agility as a Value” when changes in future demand.


WorkLinkr is flexible to accommodate customer requests, work hour adjustments for the team, adapting to continuous improvement, adhering to legal compliance and global regulations, practicing corporate social responsibility and conducting business prioritizing global welfare.

"Join us as we explore the universe between our ears. Because when you know your brain, you know yourself."